Repair Storm Water System and Weyand Field Landscaping

Prime Consultant | Project Management | Civil Engineering | Planning and Permitting | Surveying

Client: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Location: Honolulu, Oahu
Project Type: Prime Consultant, Project Management, Planning and Permitting, Civil Engineering, Surveying

The stormwater system for Trimble Road between the guard shack at Kolekole Pass and the unnamed gulch has a history of flooding. The purpose of the project was to assess frequent flooding issues and recommend improvements to mitigate the flooding. RMTC completely re-analyzed the drainage system for a portion of Schofield Barracks, worked closely with the USACE PM, DPW, Schofield Historic personnel, and USACE RTC to design a drainage system that would eliminate flooding on Trimble Road.

RMTC’s design encompassed four major items: analysis, review, and drainage study; design of a storm drainage system to mitigate the flooding along Trimble Road, from the Trimble Road/Cadet Sheridan Road intersection to the Trimble Road/Foote Avenue/Heard Street intersection; design electrical and waterline relocation for proposed box culvert; and the design landscaping at Weyand Field. RMTC completed topographic surveying, geotechnical studies, hydrologic and hydraulic analyses, and historic coordination for an area above and around Trimble Road.