Hawaii Disaster Recovery Assistance Workgroup (Hi-DRAW) Project

Prime Consultant | Project Management | Planning | Civil Engineering, Community Outreach | GIS

Client: The Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii (RCUH)
Location: Kauai and Oahu
Project Type: Climate Change and Sustainability

RMTC is providing engineering, planning and technical support services to assist the State of Hawaii, Office of the Governor in the recovery of the areas affected by the April 2018 Floods on the islands of Oahu and Kauai.  RMTC is facilitating and conducting stakeholder meetings at various locations affected by the April 2018 Floods; assisting Hi-DRAW in the collection of hazard data and create a GIS database to store damage assessments related to the data; performing hydrological study and analysis of impacted floodplains, streams, and drainage systems; reviewing completed and current quick fix and mitigation projects resulting from the floods; assisting Hi-DRAW to identify potential projects that support long-term risk reduction and resilience and conducting scoping, conceptual engineering, and benefit cost analysis of the proposed projects for the island of Kauai; monitoring recovery programs; and reporting.